Ecco Stoves

Great Glen Stoves are proud to announce that we are the distributors in Scotland for the innovative British made Ecco stove.

Made from Silicone carbide this masonry heater offers something unique to the stove market.

If your thinking about installing a wood burning boiler stove well we think it is worth considering the Ecco stove instead. Here's five reasons why we think it is a more effective way to heat your home.

1) It is more efficient than a standard wood burning boiler stove which tends to operate at up to 66% efficiency. Where as the Ecco stove is up to 88% efficiency.

2) You will use less fuel to heat your home. 7kg of wood will get the Ecco stove up to temperature.

3) After the fire has gone out the Ecco stove will generate stored heat for up to 12 hours after.

4) You do not need to install radiators.

5) Due to the thermal mass of the Ecco stove you will not overheat in the room where it is sited like you would with a conventional steel or cast iron stove, which heat up and cool down very quickly. The Ecco stove stores the heat and slowly releases.  

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Ecco 678 by Ecco

Ecco 678

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Ecco 580 by Ecco

Ecco 580

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Ecco 730 by Ecco

Ecco 730

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Ecco 850 by Ecco

Ecco 850

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