Ecco 678 by Ecco
Ecco 678
by Ecco
Ecco 678
by Ecco

Ecco 678

The Ecco Stove E678 is the flagship of the range delivering the best balance of heat retention and distribution utilising ‘silicone carbide’ to maximise efficiency, create lower emissions and decrease running costs. This masonry heater creates a consistent heat not only for the room, but for the whole house. Releasing over 25% of its stored heat 7-12 hours after the last fire has been lit. With up to 88% efficiency and just 0.07% carbon production, the Ecco Stove is the ultimate alternative to biomass, gas and oil central heating systems.

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Overall Size

W 678mm x H 878mm x D 525mm


9.4kw (other models available E850, E580 & E730)

Net Efficiency


Colour Options

Black, Light Grey, Almond, Blue, Red and more

Log Length


Rooms Heated

Up to 10 rooms

Output Calculator

To calculate the output (in kw) required to heat your room simply multiply the length, width and height of your room (in metres) and divide by 14