Heatranger 345W by Rayburn
Heatranger 345W
by Rayburn

Heatranger 345W

While everyone knows that Rayburn cookers are great at cooking delicious and succulent food many people don´t know that 70% of every Rayburn is made from recycled material. It truly is an economical product that enables you to cook and even heat your home efficiently and affordably.

The Rayburn 345W has been specifically designed to burn wood only. Its special grate will optimise the combustion efficiency of wood for both cooking and central heating.

As a result the 345W and its installation qualifies for a reduced rate of VAT. VAT for this Rayburn is at 5% when it is purchased and installed at the same time. And remember the reduced rate applies not only to the 345W appliance itself but also the basic installation cost directly associated with having your 345W installed.

In order to qualify for this you must purchase your 345W from the person that installs it so that both costs show on the same invoice.

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Overall Size

W 905mm x H 815mm x D 582mm


9kw to water 4kw to the room

Fuel Type

Wood Only


Wide range of models and fuel types. For more details get in touch.


Black, Aqua, Cream, Royal Blue and more


Cooking / Domestic Hot Water / Central Heating

Output Calculator

To calculate the output (in kw) required to heat your room simply multiply the length, width and height of your room (in metres) and divide by 14