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Martin Harvey – Part of the Great Glen Stoves Family At Great Glen Stoves, we take pride in the products we offer and the experiences they create. One of our cherished family members, Martin Harvey, has been enjoying his black DeliVita wood-fired pizza oven for a couple of years now. Here, he shares some of his invaluable tips and delicious recipe ideas to help you make the most of your DeliVita oven. Martin’s Top Tip Before you even think about firing up your DeliVita wood-fired pizza oven, Martin has one crucial piece of advice: watch the instructional video link provided with your oven. “This way,” Martin insists, “you’ll avoid all the rookie errors I made.” It’s a simple step that can save you a lot of frustration and ensure your first pizza is as perfect as possible. Pizza Parties and Tapas-Style Dining One of Martin’s favourite ways to use his DeliVita oven is by hosting pizza parties. “What I loved were the pizza parties we put on,” he recalls. “Fantastic tapas-style dining with wine.” Imagine a spread of various toppings, fresh dough, and a blazing oven ready to create culinary magic. Martin particularly remembers a post-Christmas pizza party where he utilised leftover cheeses from the fridge. “The pizzas tasted fantastic and were full of flavour,” he says, reminiscing about the unique and delightful combinations. Less Is More When it comes to toppings, Martin’s golden rule is to keep it simple. “My advice would be not to use too many toppings,” he cautions. Overloading your pizza can make it soggy and heavy. Instead, a few well-chosen ingredients will highlight the flavours and keep your crust crisp. “Less is definitely more, and your pizza will taste so much better,” Martin advises. Polenta for Perfection One of Martin’s secret weapons in the kitchen is polenta. Rather than using flour on the base of the pizza oven, Martin prefers polenta to prevent sticking. This little tweak not only works wonders for the cooking process but also adds a subtle, delightful crunch to the crust. “Each pizza took about two minutes to cook,” Martin notes, highlighting the efficiency and ease of using the DeliVita oven. It’s truly that quick and simple. A Family Affair For Martin, using the DeliVita oven is more than just about great food; it’s about family fun. “The kids loved helping to prep all the pizza beforehand,” he shares. From kneading the dough to choosing their favourite toppings, it’s an activity that brings everyone together. “It really is great for families,” Martin adds, emphasising the joy and bonding that comes with communal cooking. Enduring Quality and Versatility One of the standout features of the DeliVita oven, according to Martin, is its durability. “I have to say I have used my DeliVita pizza oven several times, and it still looks brand new,” he marvels. The quality craftsmanship ensures it withstands frequent use and remains a stunning feature in any outdoor space. But Martin’s culinary adventures don’t stop at pizza. “I’ve cooked more than just pizzas on it,” he reveals. From roasted vegetables to baked bread, the DeliVita oven is incredibly versatile and easy to use. “It’s not just a pizza oven!” he declares, inviting you to explore the myriad possibilities. Incorporating Martin Harvey’s tips and experiences can transform your DeliVita wood-fired pizza oven into a cornerstone of your summer cooking. Whether you’re hosting a lively party or enjoying a quiet family dinner, the DeliVita oven promises to deliver exceptional meals and memorable moments.

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