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Great Glen Stoves: Enhancing Your Home with More Than Just Heat

Located in the serene village of Inchmore, Hall, Inverness IV5 7PX, Great Glen Stoves has seen a significant surge in demand across various facets of the heating industry. As a trusted name, they provide more than just new stoves, pizza ovens, and outdoor heating solutions. Today’s customers seek ways to complement their investments, transforming functional purchases into integral parts of their home aesthetics and lifestyle. In response, Great Glen Stoves is delighted to introduce Frenchic Paint to their range.

The Emergence of Frenchic Paint: A Vision Realized

The story of Frenchic Paint is one of passion, innovation, and tenacity. Launched on November 25th, 2014, from a humble dining table in Camberley, Surrey, Frenchic Furniture Paint® began its journey with five pallets of chalk and mineral paint. Founder Pam recalls the excitement of that morning, despite the logistical challenge of handballing tins of paint into her garage amid pouring rain and rush hour traffic. Her aim was to create a chalk paint that excelled in every aspect: eco-friendly, safe enough for children’s toys, free of bubbling or lifting, low in VOCs, and usable both indoors and outdoors without the unpleasant paint odour.

A New Standard in Chalk Paint

Frenchic Paint quickly distinguished itself in the market. Seven years on, it stands as the go-to brand for chalk paint, boasting over 800 stockists worldwide across four continents. The brand’s meteoric rise is a testament to its exceptional quality and the dedicated community it has cultivated. From a rainy garage in Surrey to expansive warehouses, Frenchic has not only expanded its physical footprint but also its product lines, social media presence, and loyal customer base.

A Community-Driven Success

The Frenchic journey is not just about business growth; it’s about building a vibrant community. With more than half a million followers on Facebook, 225,000 on Instagram, and an ever-growing Frenchic Fan Forum approaching a million members, the brand thrives on engagement and feedback from its users. This community-centric approach has been instrumental in driving innovation and expanding Frenchic’s offerings.

Recognition and Future Endeavors

Frenchic’s success has not gone unnoticed. The brand has garnered prestigious accolades, including the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation, underscoring its commitment to excellence and innovation. The Frenchic family, comprising a fabulous team and dedicated stockists worldwide, continues to push boundaries and set new standards in the paint industry.

Why Frenchic Paint Complements Great Glen Stoves

At Great Glen Stoves, the addition of Frenchic Paint provides customers with the perfect solution to enhance their heating investments. Whether it’s a beautifully up-cycled piece of furniture or a freshly painted outdoor feature, Frenchic Paint offers the versatility and quality needed to achieve stunning results. The eco-friendly and safe nature of the paint aligns with the values of many modern consumers, making it a thoughtful choice for any home improvement project.

Embrace the Frenchic Experience

As Great Glen Stoves brings Frenchic Paint into its offerings, customers can look forward to a broader array of options to personalise and elevate their living spaces. The ethos of Frenchic, championing independent retailers and fostering a love for creativity and life, resonates deeply with the values at Great Glen Stoves.

In the meantime, happy Frenchic’ing!


Pam ~ Founder of Frenchic, proud Champion of the Independent Retailer and lover of life!

Explore the range of Frenchic Paint at Great Glen Stoves and discover how you can transform your home with colours that inspire and quality you can trust.

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