Outdoor Living in the Highlands

Outdoor Living in the Highlands of Scotland Since the days of, do I dare remind us all… lockdown! There has been a surge of popularity for outdoor products. It was the penultimate point in which I came to the realisation that our outdoor spaces were important for our well-being. In some ways, it was a very positive experience in that our family of five bonded together, and the thing we all love most is enjoying our outdoor living spaces together. This month we will introduce those outdoor living products that we at Great Glen Stoves have cherished for many years now, sharing our experiences, helpful tips, recipes, and more. It is our firm belief at Great Glen Stoves that we would not sell a product that we would not have in our own home. We often put our products to the test to see if they will stand up to our expectation of quality and good value. So, without further ado, let me introduce you to our family’s most prized possession—our Deluxe Wood-fired hot tub by Royal Tubs, which we have enjoyed for three years. Discovering a Sanctuary of Retreat “The promise of not just taking a dip. Discovering a sanctuary of retreat that’s all yours – a place of calm that washes away the stress and strain of everyday life, leaving you happier, revived, and recharged. This is the secret of Royal tubbing.” Well, I can certainly promise you that if you have three children and their friends find out the wood-fired hot tub is alight, there is no calm retreat to escape to. It becomes a playground paradise for children with 12 air bubble jets, 8 hydro massage jets, and internal LED lights. It is not a surprise really. I love hearing the raucous laughter, the beaming smiles, and watching the endless fun the children have. The hot tub has made our home the hub for so many, and what a way to make lifelong memories. However, when Tom and I do eventually commandeer the hot tub, it really does become our haven for relaxation. We lead very busy lives, and time out to relax is often in short supply. We have sat out late at night gazing at the stars, and to be honest, prior to purchase, I really wasn’t convinced that we would use our hot tub as much as we do. I can now appreciate why soaking in warm water has been a cornerstone of luxury for centuries, dating back to King Phraortes, who was the first person to have their own hot tub in 600 BC. Not to mention the claims of health benefits that hot water has on our bodies by softening tension and easing inflammation since people first started with aches and pains. Questions Before Investing The questions I had before we invested our hard-earned cash were: How easy is it to maintain? How much does it cost to run? How long will it take to set up? Will the product stand the test of time? If you are considering investing in a wood-fired hot tub, we at Great Glen Stoves can help answer those questions for you by sharing our experience with you. Why not pop in for a chat when you are next passing our showroom at Inchmore Hall, near Inverness, and see the Royal Tub for yourself, proudly being displayed with our other outdoor living products? Exploring the potential of your outdoor space can bring newfound joy and relaxation to your life. Whether it’s a bustling family gathering or a quiet evening under the stars, the right products can transform your garden into a haven. So, take a step towards enhancing your outdoor living and discover the range of possibilities with Great Glen Stoves.


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